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Website Version History

Major release versions in bold

Version No  Release date  Comments
4.1aNov 2017Further enhancements to Membership Renewal process
4.1Oct 2017Further enhancements to Membership, improved Join and Renewal process, and additional Technical Articles, plus fixes to v4.0
4.0.1Aug 2017Automated Application Form data capture to InterimMembership and VehicleRegister and Membership Approval
4.0Jul 2017Membership Admin function and Technical Articles section
3.0.2Apr 2017Special Offer added to Members' Features page
3.0.1Mar 2017Additional details about 2017 National Rally
3.0Feb 2017Addition of the Club Spares Catalogue, embedded video links to Motor Sports categories, details about modified cars and this version history
2.0.2Jan 2017Fixed minor issues Join and Renew and auto-calculate expiry year
2.0.1Dec 2016Fixed minor issues with Members' drop-down menus, altered text in Join and Renew to try and make choices clear and auto-select based in current month
2.0Nov 2016Introduced drop-down menus in userbar, added new content including Modified and Motor Sports to Members section, place holders for Young Members and Overseas Groups, added more graphics, corrected typos, and introduced concept of "Club Shop" with Regalia and place-holder for Club Spares
1.0Oct 2004This was the original release of the new web site format