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If you are a member of the Austin Owners' Club and would like a login to access any members only features then use the Register link on the right hand side and fill in your details particularly your membership number. If everything checks out your login details will be sent to your email account.

Please be patient as this is not yet an automated system. It is completed manually by a real human being in their own time and volunteeering that time for free. We do aim to get you up and running as soon as we can.

The Club Forum is separate and does not yet have a registration option, so we will use your website details to create an account for you there. It is your choice as to whether you use it, but the Forum is a wealth of useful information provided by members past and present and probably already solves the problem you face. Our Technical Information Officer also maintains a dedicated "Frequently Asked Questions" section within the Members' Area with many useful hints and tips.

We would also encourage members create their own restoration thread, is applicable, to show your progress and provide inspiration to others. There is nothing better than seeing a "basket case" back on the road!

There are also sections for owners of Modified Vehicles and Motor Sport fans (particularly "Baby Austins including the HRDC Academy) to post.

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