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30 or Under?

The Austin A30 and A35 Owners' Club encourages young members. They are the future of the Club and so it is very important to us that they feel welcome and accepted into the group.

Year on year the number of young members at the Annual Rally is gradually increasing. As a Young Member your Rally fees are refunded to you. This means that you are only required to pay for any additional costs, such as camping and food. Hopefully that makes the rally more affordable.

We have everything from completely standard to the more modified variety and, of course, a number of project cars. Even if you are unable to get your Austin to the rally, we should still love to see you there. There are always passenger seats available for anyone without either their car or too young to drive. Just come over and introduce yourself and you will very quickly be welcomed in.

We have our own Facebook group as well as a new instagram account. These are both useful in terms of attracting new members and allowing existing members to keep in touch, as well as seeing what is going on with each others cars.

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Often a big issue of being a young classic car owner is the cost of insurance. Unfortunately this is something we all have to do with but there is good advise within the Club about where to go and who to avoid. If you need any advice on this topic of have anything at all to ask or say then you can contact me at


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