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Vehicle Specifications

Will it fit in your garage? How 'fast' are they?

(1098: van)
(848: van)
Power unitAll four cylinder, overhead valve (pushrod)
Bore and Stroke2.28x3.0in
Max Power (net)28bhp @ 4,800rpm High Comp:
34bhp @ 4,750rpm
Low Comp:
32bhp @ 4,600rpm
Low Comp:
57bhp @ 3,000rpm
34bhp @ 5,500rpm
Max Torque40 lb.ft @ 2,200rpm High Comp:
48 lb.ft @ 2,000rpm
Low Comp:
48 lb.ft @ 2,200rpm
Low Comp:
57 lb.ft @ 3,000rpm
Low Comp:
44 lb.ft @ 2,900rpm
GearboxAll four speed, floor change; synchromesh on the upper three ratios
 Smooth case Smooth case Ribbed case Ribbed case
Clutch diameter6.25in 6.25in 7.25in 7.25in
DrivelineAll models - open propeller shaft
Final driveAll hypoid bevel, three quarter floating axle
Axle Ratio*7/36 (5.143:1) 9/41 (4.556:1) 9/38 (4.222:1) 8/39 (4.875:1)
Final drive [*AS3 cars to Chassis No. 1018.8/41 (5.125:1); AS3 cars from Chassis No. 1019 and first AS4/A2S4 models. 8/39 (4.875:1); four door AS4 cars from Chassis No. 43898 and two door A2S4 versions from Chassis No. 43849. 8/43 (5.375:1); AV4 van and AP4 Countryman models.]
Steering Steering box and idler system, with transverse track rod and side links to stub axles. Cam Gears worm and peg steering box, 11:1 ratio; less frequently encountered Burman worm and nut unit, 12:1 ratio. 2 1/3 turns, lock to lock. Uprated king pins and stub axles on AV8 models.
Front Suspension Independent; Coil springs with 'A' shaped lower wishbones, plus hydraulic lever arm type shock absorbers, forming the upper suspension links.
Rear suspension Semi-elliptic leaf springs (8 leaves on saloons; 11 leaves on commercials), plus hydraulic lever arm type shock absorbers; anti-roll bar.
Brakes Lockheed system; fully hydraulic at front (twin leading shoe type); hydro-mechanical at rear, with master cylinder mounted beneath driver's side floor pan. Footbrake operation of rear brakes by means of single, underfloor-mounted slave cylinder and a rod/cable linkage to expanders mounted on rear backplates. Handbrake operation on rear brakes by means of direct-acting rod/cable system.
Wheels Pressed steel, incorporating ventilation slots; four stud holes 4" PCD (but earliest AS3 models featured wheels secured by bolts onto hub assemblies).
Tyres Saloons; 5.20x13 cross-ply; A35 Countryman models and Commercials, 5.60x13 cross-ply (A30 van and Countryman, 5.90x13). (Note: Many examples today fitted with radial ply tyres, either 145x13 or 155x13, giving significant grip and handling benefits, especially in slippery road conditions).

Vital Statistics
Length(Saloon)11ft 438in (3.46m)
 (Van and Countryman)11ft 578in (3.50m)
 (A35 Pick-up)11ft 812in (3.57m)
Width(Saloons and Pickup)4ft 718in (1.40m)
 (Van and Countryman)4ft 718in (1.40m)
HeightA30 Saloon4ft 1014in (1.48m)
 A35 Saloon4ft 1114in (1.50m)
 A30 Van5ft 4in (1.63m)
 A35 Van5ft 3in (1.6m)
 A30/A35 Countryman)5ft 3in (1.60m)
 A35 Pick-up4ft 1034in (1.49m)
WheelbaseAll models 6ft 712in (2.02m)
Track (front)All models 3ft 914in (1.15m)
Track (rear)All models 3ft 834in (1.14m)
Ground ClearanceSaloons 633in (16.19cm)
 Commercials 7in (17.78cm)
Turning CircleAll models, between walls 35ft (10.67m)
Kerb WeightSaloons 13cwt 28lb (673kg)
 Vans 13cwt 56lb (686kg)
 Countryman 14cwt 84lb (750kg)
 Pick-up 13cwt 56lb (686kg)

How do they go?
0-60 mph (sec)382923
Top Speed (mph)657580
Fuel Consumption (mpg)35-4535-4535-45

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© Derived from Accessible Classics Vol.1: Austin A30/35 by Kim Henson.