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This page allows owners of Austin A30s and A35s to register their vehicle with the Club. You do not have to be a member. This will help the Club keep a track of vehicles and also provide useful statistics other parties such as the Federation of British Historical Vehicle Clubs when changes to statutory regulations are being considered. If you are happy for this basic sharing to take place, thank you and please continue.

Note: We will NEVER, EVER share your personal information with third-parties.

If you are unsure of the exact model type of your vehicle, please refer to the Vehicle Guide and/or the Model List shown in the menu bar on the right.

If in the future you change your mind please contact the Club to have your details removed from our records.

Thank you!

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Changes that disqualify a vehicle from entry into a standard class for that model (check the current judging rules for details). These are generally commonly applied.

More significant changes including non 'A' series engines, 5 speed gearboxes, altered bodywork, different wheels, radically altered suspension or ride height. There are no limitations in this class.

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