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Club Membership Renewal Form

 If renewing your membership on-line, please complete the membership information below. If applying by post, please use the form provided with the Autumn Sidelights/Winter Spotlight or the printable forms found at the bottom of "Join the Club" page.

From 2019 you will need to enter your membership no, email & telephone no as recorded on the Club database otherwise it will probably deny you access. If you are unsure what your details are logon to the website as a member and it will retrieve your details. Don't have a login? Request one. Can't remember you password? Request a new one on the Members page in the menus to the right.

 Contact Details 


Please enter your current email and phone number below so we can ensure our records are correct, as well as advise you when your renewal has been processed.



 Privacy Settings 

As from May 2018, we need to comply with your wishes regarding contacting you. As a result we need to ask you to indicate below if you would be happy for us to contact you in the following three ways, and check with you at least once a year. PLEASE NOTE: Deselecting the 'Post' option still allows the Club to supply your Club Magazines four times per year as this is paid for with your subscriptions. We do however promise to keep contact with you to a minimum.

 Comments & Additional Information 

NOTE: If the PayPal account you plan you use is different to your name or email, please enter the PayPal name & email address below so we can trace it and select te Paypal payment option on the next page (after you press "Submit" button. Failure to do so may delay your renewal or result in the PayPal payment being returned.
If you plan to send a cheque please write "Sending Cheque" or if you pay by bank transfer please enter "Bank Transfer Payment" in Comments box below and continue with "Submit details" button. If you get to the PayPal page you can quit the process if you pay by one of these methods.

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