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Austin A30 and A35 Owners' Club Privacy


! Data Protection (GDPR) !
We need YOUR permission!

You will have no doubt heard that there are new Data Protection Laws coming into force on May 25th 2018 †. In fact you have probably been contacted by numerous companies and websites asking for you to give them permission to contact you in the future. As a result, if you are a member you will have to give us permission to contact you. We have added a number of privacy settings to your membership records, and we have assumed you allow us to contact you by post, email and phone if you provide these details, but you will have to check and alter these to suit your own preferences. If you want to check or change these, login on this website (Members) and then select the "Update my Membership Info" from the menu.

Please take the opportunity to also update any other information that you see (address, email, phone, etc). We will remind you to check and set these privacy options once a year when you renew, but you can update them any time you like.

A paper-form has also been included in the latest April 2018 Sidelight magazine if you prefer to update us that way.

NOTE: If you turn off the Post Privacy option, we will have to stop all forms of post which obviously will mean no magazines! Think carefully, but be assured we will not contact you in any way unless it is absolutely necessary, or you ask us to.

† GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation

Privacy Statement

The Club takes your data privacy very seriously. As a member, we follow the guidelines of the FBHVC. The recent changes that have been the result of GDPR were carefully reviewed and their recomendations implemented.

We will draw up a Provacy statement for the club and post it here in teh near future. In the meantime be assured that your private information is never shared except with our printers, which is limited to your name and address, in order to fulfill your magazine postage.


These are records held on your local device to manage some of the connection with the website. Most are not permanent, in that once you leave the site they self-delete but they are used if you ask the browser to remember your username and/or password, and also dates formats, forum styles, etc. We are not tracing your use of the site or forum apart from when you last login, etc. If you are concerned, most browsers have the ability to delete cookies using the application options function.

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