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This is the range of the 13 vehicle types in the A30 & A35 line-up with their model numbers and approximate date ranges. This does not include the convertible prototype that never went into production. Saloons, with the exception of the AS3, were available in Deluxe form with overriders and ashtrays fitted and on 2 door models opening rear side windows. Heaters were optional on all models, usually the free air heater in saloons and recirculating type on AS3 and commercials.

DescriptionDates builtFeaturesImage
AS3A30 Earlier model (aka Seven)May 1952-Oct 1953Only available as a 4-door saloon. The first vehicle to be fitted with the then new A-series engine of 803cc and 30bhp. Round speedo, small rear window, smaller chromed grille than AS4, body mounted badge over grille and side fuel filler. Earliest models fitted with single red central brake light and internal cantilever boot hinges. Later models fitted with twin rear brake lights and external hinges.AS3
AS4A30 4-door saloonOct 1953-Sep 1956Small rear window, trafficators,
803cc engine, long gear-lever, rear mounted fuel filler. Trapezoidal speedo, and chromed radiator grille
A2S4A30 2-door saloonOct 1953-Sep 19562 door version of aboveA2S4
AV4A30 5 cwt VanAug 1954-Sep 1956Only van to have chromed grille, 803cc engineAV4
AP4A30 CountrymanAug 1954-Sep 1956Based on AV4 with opening side windows, full length headlining and no roof vent.AP4
AS5A35 4-door saloonSep 1956- Aug 1959Improved and larger capacity 948cc A-Series engine and better gearbox with shorter gear level and extension. Painted grill with chrome "horseshoe", larger rear window and front and rear flashing indicators.AS5
A2S5A35 2-door saloonSep 1956-Aug 19592 door version of above AS5.A2S5
AV5A35 5 cwt Van, 948ccSep 1956-Feb 1962Painted grille with chrome "horseshoe" but trafficators rather than indicators. Sculptured door skins.AV5
AP5A35 CountrymanOct 1956-Feb 1962Based on AV5 with fitted opening rear windows, full length headlining but no roof ventAP5
AK5A35 Pick-upNov 1956-Dec 1957Recognised by its curved rear pick-up bed sides and rear mounted spare wheel when compared to pick-ups converted from vans.AK5
AV6A35 5 cwt Van, 948ccFeb 1962-Sep 1962Smooth door skins, indicators, plated side strip, with grille and wheels now painted whiteAV6
AP6A35 CountrymanMar 1962-Sep 1962Only one known to survive (in 2001).AP6
AV8A35 6 cwt Van, 1098ccSep 1962-May 1966Outwardly same as AV6, but fitted with larger engine, 1098cc, improved ribbed gearbox and SU carb. 1098cc engine ceased from May 1966AV8a
AV8A35 6 cwt Van, 848ccOct 1963-Feb 1968As above but 848cc engine available from Oct 1963.AV8b
?A30 Convertible Prototype?A prototype built in ???? for the motor shows but not put into production.
(That hasn't stopped people converting ModelList to convertibles and several examples still exist).

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How to interpret Chassis Numbers

To be completed

AAustin (in the case of A30/35s small Austin)
AThis second A is only found on later A35 vans and indicates as A-series engine is fitted.
SFour door saloon
2STwo door saloon
Number 3 to 8Model series number
HCSHigh compression engine
LCSLow compression engine
LLeft hand drive

Example: a standard 2-door A35 saloon built for the home market would have a chassis number of A2S5-HCS/24724, and originally the engine number digits would match the last chassis number digits.

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