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Site Membership Registration

Once you have joined the club you can register your details on this form which will allow you to access members only features of the website. Just complete the details below and once approved your login details will be sent to your email address.

Please be patient as this is not an instant or automatic system. It is done manually completed by a human being in their own time and for free.

From 2017, we will assume all new members will also want access to the Forum and an account will be created for you using the same login details as the website. You will get a separate email with the details about the forum login and initial password. PLEASE NOTE: The two sites do not use the same administration service, so please note that if you do change you password on one, the other will not change. Obviously if you do not wish to use the forum, you are not obliged to and you can simply ignore the forum details. We will periodically clean-up the forum logins to remove any that have never been used or have been unused for some time.

To send your login details the website will use an auto responder email address, email providers such as hotmail, outlook and gmail often mark site email as spam, therefore in order to receive your emails successfully it is recommended you add the following email address to your approved receivers list or regularly check your spam folder for Owners' Club emails from
( AutoResponder@austina30a35ownersclub.co.uk ).

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