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Obviously while our movements are restricted due to Covid-19 local group meetings have been suspended.
Hoping to see you all again when life in the UK returns to normal!

Contact and current meeting details can be found in the Club Magazines: Sidelights or Spotlight, on the What's On page or in the menu to the right.


Dorset Group

The Dorset Group covers the area in and around the county of Dorset

The group maintains its own website hereurl


The group meets .....................


Should you have any questions please contact the Dorset team here.

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Regular Group Meets

  • Please contact the Group contact in your area or our Group Co-ordinator via email for more information.

    Check the Groups Map for an approximate location of your local group.

    Avon (part of South West)
    Meets at The Crown Inn (Harvester), 126 Bath Road, Longwell Green, Bristol BS30 9DE. 3rd Wednesday of every month, from 7.30pm.

    For details call Simon Gillam on 07895 342468
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    No meeting in your local area? Think there is enough interest to start one? Contact the Club's Group Co-ordinator via email for more details..

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