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Austin A30 and A35 Owners' Club Judging Rules

Judging Rules - April 2019 !

Distributed in Sidelights Spring 2019

These rules and guidelines are for entrants to our International Rally Concourse Judging, but may be found helpful to groups holding an event.

All drivers of vehicles to be entered at our International Rallies must hold a current driving license current insurance and MOT certificate if required for that vehicle, which must be driven to its allocated place. These documents should also be available for inspection if requested.

The entrant must indicate which class is entered for judging on the Rally entry form, and confirm this when booking in the rally. They will be issued with identification relating to that class. If an entrant is unsure of which class to enter, the Chief Judge will decide before the commencement of the judging. If a vehicle is parked in the wrong place, the owner will be asked to move to the correct one. A vehicle may only be entered in one class. Late comers who arrive after the judging has started will be excluded from judging. The decision of the Chief Judge is final.

A Judge may enter their own vehicle for judging but are not allowed to judge the class that they have entered their vehicle in. In a class where the Chief Judge enters his own car for judging, that class may not be judged by the Chief Judge, and the final decision in any dispute will then be made by the Club Chairman.


2019 is the second year of a new trial system that has added new classes. This will be reviewed and adopted and/or altered after the 2019 rally but before the judging rules are published prior to the 2020 rally.

A. SupremeThe winning vehicle of any A30 or A35 class in the previous two years must be entered in this class. Any previous winner of the Supreme Class or other Club Class may enter provided that no modification or alteration has been made that would alter the Class it originally won.
Note: Modified vehicles do not enter this class.

The following classes are for vehicles with standard body shell and trim using an A series engine no larger than 1098cc (with the exception of the Modified and Visitors classes).

B.AS3A30 saloon AS3 series
C.A30A30 saloon AS4 or A2S4 series
D.A35A35 saloon As5 or A2S5 series
E.VansAny A30 or A35 FULL Paneled VAN ONLY (was previously the Commercial Class).
F.Van ConversionsAny A30 or A35 that has been converted to an estate car by adding side windows and rear seats.
G.CountrymanThis class is open to genuine AP4 and AP5's vehicle only. Chassis plates will be checked. Any converted vans MUST be entered into class F.
H.Pick-upAK5 Series Pick-ups
I.ModifiedAny A30/A35 not eligible for the other classes because of the modifications to the bodywork or trim, or has an engine larger than 1098cc. (See details in categories). This class will be self judged by other entrants but vehicles ticked for judging on their entry form will also be judged on condition as per the other classes.

Other classes

Original Class. Any A30/A35 that has used and been maintained in as original condition as possible. This has no separate class as it covers all vehicles in other classes as above.

Visitors. Any visiting classic vehicle that is not an A30/A35 and will be judged by public vote.


  1. Club classes will be judged by a minimum of two judges, one of whom should have a good knowledge of the class being judged. They will mark all the categories below, each carrying equal weight. Judges may request that personal items be removed from the vehicle whilst it is being judged.
    The owner of the vehicle should be present during the judging process in order to answer any questions about their vehicle, and to open the doors, bonnet and boot. If engaged on other duties the owner may, at the judge's discretion, leave the keys to the car in order that the judges may have access.
  2. Vehicles will be judged as presented. The parts of the vehicle on view will get the bulk of the marks but less visible areas will also be marked. Any part of the vehicle that is incorrect or missing will cause a loss of points. Parts may not be added once the judging has commenced. No assessment of performance will be made but the judges may require the engine to be started.

Categories to be assessed

1. Bodywork  The metalwork should be free of rust and dents.
2. Paintwork  Free from paint blemishes such as orange peel, obvious touching up etc and with a good gloss.
3. Rubber work  Including tyres, clean, not cracked or perished.
4. Chrome work  Free from blemishes.
5. Underneath  Clean, marks are deducted for oil leaks, rust and obvious repairs. An allowance will be made for poor site conditions.
6. Engine bay  Clean with correct parts and with good paintwork on all components.
7. Interior  Clean tidy trim, upholstery and paintwork. Slip-over seat covers, protective mats over carpeting and storage of other belongings will not be penalised providing that the owner removes them for more detailed judging as required by the judges. Headlining, an undamaged original headlining is preferable to a replacement but a replacement is better than a torn lining.
8. Boot & Tools  The boot should be clean and the paint and rubber mats in good condition. Storage of belongings will not be penalised provided the owner removes them for inspection by the judges. The original tools will gain some extra marks but no extra marks will be given for further tools or accessories. Documents relating to the vehicle and history may attract a small bonus.

Originality - i.e. un-restored

All cars have had some maintenance and new parts, therefore no extra marks will be given to a car simply because it appears un-restored. The originality will only be taken into account for the Original trophy.

Points of particular Classes

AS3, A30 saloon and A35 saloon.
Non-standard equipment or enhanced specification (e.g. polished radiators, etc) will lose some but not all marks. Permitted modern safety features will not lose any marks.

Commercial Class
Rear seats in a van will not be penalised. Any Vans with side windows must only be entered into class F.

Supreme Class
Vehicles will be judged on their condition.

Modified Class
This will be a self judging class by the owners on a prepared judging sheet.
The judging will be on an engineering assessment of the ingenuity, subtlety, and the quality of the design and construction of the modifications done.

  • Overall design concept of the modifications.
  • Ingenuity and clever adaptations and subtlety, good detailing of the modifications to make them inconspicuous.
  • Quality of design details.
  • Quality of construction of the modifications.
  • Exterior condition.
  • Interior condition.

Modified vehicles ticked for judging on their entry form will also be judged on condition as per the other classes. This currently has a separate trophy to the modified class.

Visitors' Class

Will be judged by public vote on a separate voting slip, vehicles will be judged on their condition.

The event

The vehicles which are to be judged must be on full view on the rally field. No vehicle can be judged without the owner or representative of the owner being present to answer questions and open or shut the vehicle as required by the judges, except as in a. above.
Judges are volunteers and are chosen on the day. The judges don't all have to be technically minded and they will be paired off with a partner with some experience and knowledge of the cars. The Chief Judge will be on hand to advise and answer any questions.


The award ceremony will take place at 4pm on the Sunday of the International Rally.
Winners must leave their name and address and phone number with the award secretary.
Note: Winners must please ensure the large trophies are returned to the organisers of the following years Rally.

Paul Lewis
April 2019

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