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Austin A30 & A35 Owners' Club: Membership Application Form

If applying for on-line, please complete the membership information below. Fields with a yellow tint are mandatory. When complete the system will pass you to PayPal to complete the payment and send your application to the Membership Secretary to be actioned.

If applying by post, please use the printable forms found on the "Join The Club" page and post with a cheque or postal order to the Membership Secretary. The address details are on the printable form.

Online/PayPal Applications

This is the first stage of the three-step process:

  • 1. Complete an on-line Membership Application Form (see below)
  • 2. Select the amount you need to pay (it defaults to the correct month)
  • 3. Submit your payment via PayPal (opens a new browser tab or window)
 Age Confirmation  warning 

Unfortunately we need to impose a lower age limit of 13 on new members. Below this age please ask you parent or guardian to contact the Membership Secretary to discuss ways of joining.

 Contact Details 

Title *:






 Privacy Settings 

As from May 2018, new Data Protection regulations mean we need to comply with your wishes regarding contacting you. As a result we need to ask you to indicate below if you would be happy for us to contact you in the following three ways.

PLEASE NOTE: Deselecting the 'Post' option still allows the Club to supply your Club Magazines four times per year. We do however promise to keep contact with you to a minimum.

 Website Username/Login 

If you specify a Website Username, we will automatically create a login for you as long as it is available. If not we will create a Website Login using some default values. Please note you will still need to request a Forum login at the moment.

 Vehicle Details 

Enter the details of your vehicle. If you own more than one please enter the details of the vehicle you regard as your main A30 or A35. In the near future we will be allowing you to register others with the Club.

Unsure which model you have? Check out the Vehicle Types page under the Home menu.

There is a tick-box below to allow the club to hold this information and to use it for Club business and, where requested, for providing selected parties with statistical data for research. If you do not agree to this but would still like to provide your vehicle's information, plus untick the box.

Fields with a yellow tint are required if you enter any vehicle information.

Vehicle Type:

Registration Year: Registration Month:

Engine No: Engine Size:

Vehicle Flag:

Vehicle Status: (Tick ONE!)


 Gift Information 

N.B. If this membership is to be a gift, please advise on the date you wish it to be received, together with any message you would like to be enclosed and the address to be sent to, if different from the above, and we will try to arrange delivery on the appropriate date.

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