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The Footman James / Austin A30-A35 Owners Club Insurance Scheme

Footman James

For an immediate quote call: 0333 207 6062, quote ref: “AUST A30” http://www.footmanjames.co.uk

Note: Excellent rates of discount for Club Members on Classic & Modern Car, Motorcycle, Kit, Home and Contents insurance.

Young Driver rates available on classic cars.

Policy Benefits include: UK & European Breakdown, Motor Legal Expenses, Road Rage & Car Jacking. Many insurance companies ask a higher premium for such inclusions, so always compare like with like when making price comparisons.

Policy Options: Limited & unlimited mileage, Agreed Value, Multi-Vehicle policies (minimum 2 classics & 1 modern), European Certificates issued – up to 35 days any one trip, Wedding Hire policies, Track Day cover.