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2nd Annual Event in Germany

The A30/A35 German Group have now prepared our 2nd Annual Event for the Austin A30/A35 OC in Germany. This time it will take place in Wolfsburg, Germany in the Volkswagen Autostadt. The VW Autostadt is a huge car theme park (www.autostadt.de). Volkswagen displays in these massive grounds (over 30 acres) right next to the VW factory with up to 200 classic cars of all makes and many other vehicles of all kind of makes. More than 2 million visitors each year from all over the world take a look at the magnificent and unique Autostadt.
The glass car towers are another highlight of the Autostadt where customers can collect their brand new car from the factory.

For our 2nd Annual Event for Austin A30/A35s in the Autostadt we have been able to arrange a very interesting agenda.

We can offer overnight stays on a camping site nearby, a nice youth hostel, a middle range hotel or a first class hotel. Participants can make their choice.

The planned agenda:

Fri 8 Sep 2017: afternoon arrival in the Autostadt in Wolfsburg, we have a designated parking area for all Austin A30/A35 participants, welcome soft drinks or drinks in the reception. At 6.00pm a special guided tour of the Zeithaus in the Autostadt where the classic cars are displayed with an introduction to the agenda of the event, a buffet evening meal in the Laguna conference room overlooking the Autostadt

Sat 9 Sep 2017: get together in the designated parking area where all the Austin A30/A35 will be on display to all visitors of the Autostadt. At around 10.30am we start a joint tour with our Austin A30/A35s to the Wolfsburg Castle and other sights in the area (round trip of approx. 40 miles), nice scenery and chances for lovely photographs, lunch en route with a return to Autostadt in late afternoon with a chance for a walk across the Autostadt. Visitors of the Autostadt will be very interested in our Austin A30/A35 as they have never seen them before. Later, an evening meal arranged in the Autostadt with an opportunity to meet many classic car enthusiasts.

Sun 10 Sep 2017: get together in the designated parking area where all Austin A30/A35 are displayed to all visitors of the Autostadt, meet other enthusiasts, meet the local press and another opportunity to walk across the Autostadt and see the VW factory, departure of participants around lunch time

We will get all admissions to the Autostadt free of charge, they will not charge us for the initial special guided tour of the Zeithaus either, they will not charge us for the designated parking area for our Austin A30/A35. Meals will be very reasonably priced and the overnight stays have to covered by the participants.

All in all I hope this is a very attractive weekend for all members of our Austin A30/A35 OC and they will participate in significant numbers. We had participants from the UK, Holland and Germany last year and we hope to find even more enthusiasts who are keen on taking part.

Website: Contact Email: hartmut-albers@gmx.net