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DVLA Liaison

The DVLA Officer role entails working with both members and non-members† to help them get their vehicles registered with DVLA, with either the original registration mark or an age related one.

† Non-members will be asked to contribute to the work involved which includes Club Membership for one year.

Phil Kolbe has recently taken over the role and explains a bit about the process below:

I will make sure we get things right and will present the evidence to support our claims as professionally as possible, which should give us every chance of success.

Registering your vehicle

The definition of success is the issue of a V5C Registration Document which then means that the owner can use and enjoy the vehicle. The DVLA is one of those organisations that people love to hate but I think most of us realise that it has a job to do and that things need to be done correctly and with honesty.

In order to register one of our vehicles we must provide evidence to prove that the application is genuine. For the UK there are two forms to complete; a V765 which is quite straightforward and a V55/5 which is quite complex.

DVLA Documents

You can also go to the DVLA Website to download these documents.

PDF Form
V765 PDF
  PDF Form
V55/5 PDF
 DVLA Site Links: 
DVLA Link: V765   DVLA Link: V55/5


Photos of the vehicle are required, showing all four aspects, generally achieved by using a driver’s side front corner view and a passenger side rear corner view.

  • Front view including plate
    frrnt view
  • Side view
    side view
  • Rear view including plate
    rear view
  • Chassis plate (see below)
    VIN Help


Then we need as much extra information as possible, a brown log book is perfect but bills of sale, old MOTs, original registration plates, chassis numbers, body number and engine number all slant the odds in the applicant’s favour. I must stress that the onus is on you, the applicant to do the legwork, gathering evidence and so on, though I will help and guide you as much as I am able.

I have already picked up a couple of useful snippets...

  1. Pre 1983 documents that are linked to the vehicle (tax disc, MOT certificates, insurance docs, etc.) are very highly regarded by DVLA.
  2. Make sure that you get the registration process in motion BEFORE you take the vehicle to pieces.
"We need to be satisfied that the vehicle exists, is a complete entity and that it carries the relevant chassis/frame and engine numbers .... the vehicle must be substantially complete and genuine."

I can certainly help with the paperwork and we will complete the application forms together. The vehicle which is the subject of the application will always need to be inspected to show that it is authentic; this can be inconvenient but we will try to achieve it in a cost effective manner. We have a small network of willing volunteer ‘surveyors’ and will try to find one who is local to the applicant. NOTE: The applicant must be willing to reimburse all reasonable expenses.

Click here to email DVLA Liaison Officer or check the latest club magazine for their phone details.

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