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Owners' Club Spares Project

Welcome to the Club's Spares Project.

The Spares Team have a new Mobile Tel No 07401 598425

A35 Gearbox Mounting Rubbers

Name: A35 Gearbox Mounting Rubbers

set of A35 Gearbox Mountings (set of 3). In soft compound rubber These are exchange items so we will need your old mountings in return.

Price: £28.00

Clutch Assembly

Name: Clutch Assembly

6 1/4,three parts,£95.00 7 1/4, three part clutch £105.00 exchange item

Price: £95.00

Clutch Coned Adjuster Nut

Name: Clutch Coned Adjuster Nut


Price: £2.20

Clutch Cross Shaft

Name: Clutch Cross Shaft

Re-manufactured Clutch cross shaft price includes inner and outer bearing

Price: £30.00

Clutch Cross Shaft Inner Bearing

Name: Clutch Cross Shaft Inner Bearing

Inner bush for clutch cross shaft

Price: £3.50

Clutch Cross Shaft Outer Bearing

Name: Clutch Cross Shaft Outer Bearing

Clutch cross shaft outer bearing, with taper pin.

Price: £2.60

Clutch Operating Rod (1098/848 or 803/948)

Name: Clutch Operating Rod (1098/848 or 803/948)

This is a one size fits all (just cut to length).

Price: £13.50

Diff Pinion Oil Seal

Name: Diff Pinion Oil Seal

Oil seal for Diff.

Price: £2.00

Diff/Axle Gasket

Name: Diff/Axle Gasket

Differential to axle casing gasket

Price: £0.75

Propshaft Universal Joints (not AS3)

Name: Propshaft Universal Joints (not AS3)

not AS3

Price: £6.50

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new Trialling New Club Spares Voucher Scheme 

We will be trialling a new scheme with the Club Spares where if you spend over £500 in one year you will be able to claim for a £10 voucher which may be redeemable against further club spares, regalia or membership.

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What is the "Club Spares Project"?

spares Club Spares Project was created to try to find reliable suppliers for those hard-to-find parts and, where possible, even get them re-manufactured. It is funded by the Club from your membership fees and available to all current paid-up Club Members. spares

While it stocks some "generic" parts, they are primarily where we have found the quality on the open-market to be wanting, so have sourced a better part. But we don't supply everything. Many parts that are inter-changeable with other A-Series based vehicles are available from a number of sources. Club Spares concentrates on the parts that AREN'T easy to find or where quality is questionable. We can't produce everything though. It has to be economically viable to manufacture, stock and, importantly, cost-effective to you the members and therefore the buyers!

Please feel free to browse and print an order form by clicking the icon on the right. Make sure you include your Membership Number on the form in the space provided and write it on the back of any cheques or it is likely to delay sending your order.

Contacting the Spares Co-Ordinator

Please Note: The Spares Team have a new Mobile Tel No: 07401 598425

Wherever possible, for all UK based members, spares advice and initial enquiries for spares should be made by telephone. You can ring or text 24/7 on 01274 590631 or 07401 598425. If we are unavailable please leave a message with your name, membership number and contact number and we will return your call. Alternatively email the Spares Team on with as much information and details as possible.

Ordering Spares

To order spares, members should first contact us by phone to check availability and postage costs. Payment is by cheque made payable to "THE A30/A35 SPARES PROJECT" (or cash if collected). Download a copy of the Order form by clicking on the icon to the right, complete it and attach or enclose a cheque for the agreed amount. Please ensure you clearly write your membership number on the reverse of the cheque so it can be matched to your order.

The above, of course, does not apply to overseas members who are reminded that they may now purchase parts using the Spares Project Paypal account.

Postage and Payment

If more than one item is required or if cost of postage is not quoted telephone the Spares Co-ordinator for the cost of postage.

Condition of parts

Unless listed as used or reconditioned, all parts are new or new-old-stock (NOS), except keys which may be new or used.

If you require further information on any of the products shown below please call the Spares Co-ordinator on 01274 590631 or 07401 598425 or email the Spares Team at

The Spares Team have a new Mobile Tel No 07401 598425

The Southampton and New Forest group also set up their own spares supply many years ago and this is now known as the Austin Motor Spares Service. While it works with the Owners' Club, it is independently run. It has a large amount of second hand parts collected over the years from vehicles that were not economically viable to restore. Their advert can be found in the Club magazines and details are also under the Members' area of this website.

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