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Morris 1000 8" brake conversion kit Placed On: 13/Oct/2016
Image This is a set of Morris 1000 8" front brakes, modified to fit directly on to your A30 or A35. It comprises two modified backplates, a custom made spacer, longer bolts to fit them and the 8" drums, also modified. The backplates are fully assembled with cylinders, shoes, springs and adjusters. All parts are used parts, but suitable for re-use. The shoes are almost unworn, the cylinders are free moving and hold air pressure on test.Also included are the brake flexibles which I suggest should be replaced. £120 plus carriage, if needed.
Item In: Buckinghamshire ask the advertiser a question
Can anyone suggest someone to do a complete refurbishment on my A35 Van please? Placed On: 03/Oct/2016
Can anyone suggest someone to do a complete refurbishment on my A35 Van please? Family owned since new - May 1958, now in a sorry state- usual rust in usual places, will need new panels. Engine overhaul and rewiring. But I believe she is worth it and I need to find the best person to do the job! Thanks
Set of Tyres / tyres with wheels for A35 Van Placed On: 03/Oct/2016
Hi I need a set of tyres 5.60 - 13 for my A35 Van. Mine have perished completely and we cannot move her.
All the bits not needed for an A30 Academy car Placed On: 26/Sep/2016
Image I got lured into building an A30 Academy car from a decent-ish MoT fail, and am keen to see all the parts I removed go back into the community to help keep other cars alive. I've got no idea on prices as I normally play with Minis, and can't be faffed with listing stuff on feeBay - someone will get some bargains ! Front suspension and hubs (less the dampers) and brakes. Rear springs and anti-roll bar linkages. Rear brakes. Pedals and master cylinder (which will need a rebuild). Sweet running 803cc engine and magic wand gearbox. Complete tan interior, which appears to be in very good condition. Complete set of glass including quarterlight inserts. Assorted other bits I've probably forgotten about. In addition to the bits donated by the car: NOS grille, still in its BMC rustproof paper and box. £300 Unused uprated dampers.
Wanted A35 project Placed On: 25/Aug/2016
Looking for a A30 or A30 project anything considered
Item In: Mid wales ask the advertiser a question
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