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Ad-Blocker Help

If you are unable to see the adverts listed to the left, you possibly have an ad-blocker active in your browser.

This page refers to the Ad Blocker Plus add-on, but the principles should be similar with other ad-blocking software.

Does your page look like the screen below?


The lack of adverts is likely to be an ad-blocker on your browser. Look in the right top corner for an icon that may resemble this one. Clicking on the icon should show the status of the page in relation to the ad-blocker. ABP


In this case it is being blocked by default.


Clicking on the blue button next to the website will turn the blocking off and the icon will go grey (not active). Now refresh the screen.

You can also add site manually to the "Whitelist" option in the ad-blocker. "Whitelist" means the site is allowed to display adverts. Click on the "settings" icon or option of your ad-blocker.


Sites added using the click to turn off/on option will also be added. If you are entering it manually please ignore the http/https and www. portions of the website address.


Above shows our website as one of the "whitelisted" sites.

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