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The United Kingdom based Austin A30 and A35 Owners' Club would like to welcome you to our official home on the Internet. Feel free to browse and if you are an owner but not yet a Club Member have a look at the 'Join The Club' page for some of the benefits you could get.

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Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for 2019 from the Austin A30 & A35 Owners' Club Committee
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Here's hoping Santa brings those parts you are desperate for .. but even he can't get quarter-light rubbers! ;-)

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Practical Classics and Restoration Show 2019

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22nd to 24th March 2019

Visit the club stand 5-525
More details to follow - watch this space!

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A Brief Introduction

The object of the Club is to maintain as many A30 and A35 vehicles in good working order as is possible by helping, advising, encouraging and cultivating a spirit of friendship amongst owners and other interested people. Membership is therefore open to all owners and enthusiasts of the Austin A30/A35 range of vehicles.

About The Club

The Club was formed by a small group of enthusiasts in 1970, which has grown over the years into an International Club with a membership totalling around 1,100 members. Though the core of the Club consists of UK members, the Club has representatives in Japan, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Sweden and United States.

The Club is run on a day-to-day basis by a voluntary Committee of twelve officers elected annually by the Club membership. The Committee meets a minimum of two times per year in addition to the Annual General Meeting held at the National Rally.

Across the UK, twenty seven local Groups and contacts affiliated to the Owners Club have evolved. Their members normally meet on a monthly basis, in addition to shows and social events. Each year, one of the local Groups hosts the National Club Rally.

The following sections shows how the award winning club is organised and the places where we are represented. If you would like further information please do contact us.

The Club Committee

The Committee is made up of volunteers who undertake a range of roles in order to keep the club running. Places on the Committee are open to any member of the Club. Where several people stand for a post, a vote is held. The Club always has room for anybody who might wish to become more actively involved and prides itself on welcoming new members to an official capacity either nationally or at a more local level.

Latest Magazine New roles open as members stand down or rotate to other jobs and are advertised in the club magazine. If you feel that you would like to become involved, but require more information or would perhaps like to gain some experience first please do contact us.

The Club publishes four high quality magazines a year, organises rallies, offers help and advice, maintains an extensive archive and is affiliated to the lobby group FBHVC on your behalf.

Local Group Support

Whilst Club is a national organisation, it strongly believes in the benefits of members being able to contact and help each other locally. By joining the national club we can put you in touch with a group near you and contribute some of your membership fee to the local organisation.

In some areas there may not be an official local group but the Club usually has members who are keen to help out and share their interest in all things Austin. We can put you in touch with a local contact when you join the Club.

Overseas Representation

Austin A30 and A35s were exported all over the world and still have an enthusiastic following in many other countries. The Club is proud of its strong links to overseas members and keeps a list of contacts abroad.

Technical Support

Our Technical Information Officer is available to answer many more obscure questions about the A30 and A35 (as well as many, many more classics).

You also have contact with the entire membership via the website and Members' area of the forum giving you access to hundreds of years knowledge and information. Both the website and the forum contain areas where more advanced technical information can be accessed as part of your membership. Regular technical articles appear in the club magazines as well.

Vehicle Registrars

The role of our vehicle registrars is to collate information on the survival of our Austin models. Therefore they are always keen to know of any cars put back on the road, rediscovered after being hidden away, or perhaps of a rare variant seldom seen any more. The Registrars are split across various models: AS3, A30, A35, Countryman and Vans, Pick-ups and Modified.

DVLA Liaison

Liaison with the DVLA on behalf of members is managed and handled by a nomination committee member. Issues with re-registering a vehicle, number plate retention and general advise and guidance around DVLA forms and correspondence is available on request.

FBHVC Representation

Representation of our club at the Federation of British Historical Vehicle Clubs is also an important role taken on by the Committee. This ensures that the "voice" of the club is heard when there are changes to legislation and laws around historic vehicles.

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Please take the opportunity to also update any other information that you see (address, email, phone, etc). We will remind you to check and set these privacy options once a year when you renew, but you can update them any time you like. Login on this website (Members) and then select the "Update my Membership Info" from the menu. Think carefully, but be assured we will not contact you in any way unless it is absolutely necessary, or you ask us to.

A paper-form was also included in the April 2018 Sidelights magazine if you prefer to update us that way.

NOTE: If you turn off the Post Privacy option, we will NOT have to stop sending your magazines! These are part of the service that you pay for so they are outside the remit of GDPR.

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For more information about data protection and privacy, please check the Club Privacy page.

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